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There are many different lens materials ranging from conventional plastic and glass to state-of-the-art High Index materials that make lenses thinner and/or lighter than ever before possible. A lens' index of refraction is the measure of how steeply a material bends light. The higher the index of refraction, the more steeply it bends light; hence, the thinner the lens can be made.

  • Single vision

  • Bifocal

  • Trifocal

  • Progressive lenses

  • Task-specific lenses

  • Aspheric / atoric lenses

We Fill Difficult Prescriptions

Durable Materials

  • Scratch-resistant

  • UV blocking

  • IR blocking

  • Anti-reflection (AR)

  • Mirror

  • Cosmetic tint

  • Sunglass tint

Fantastic Coatings and Tints

Progressive lenses provide seamless vision at all distances for the presbyopic. These lenses are variable focus with no visible lines, and provide a more natural visual solution to presbyopic patients than either of the lined mutifocal solutions. Progressive lenses vary widely in price and in quality of lens design. Today there are as many as 50 different brands of progressive lenses available, with varying levels of advantage and disadvantage. The newer lens designs available have made great strides in ease of adaptation, ease of use, and wearer comfort; successfully addressing the disadvantages of older lens designs, many of which are still currently available , but usually for low price consideration and/or insurance patient use. Progressive lenses offer the best all-around, daily use solution to people needing help at all distances.

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Give us your prescription from any opthalmologist or optometrist and we will make quality, lasting lenses within 5 days.

Unlike the big chains, we take our time to cut and tint your lenses perfectly.